Simone Prisco (Naples 1980)



Since he was a very young man he devoted himself to study the pictorial tradition, becoming an excellent painter, engraver and drawer.

As a student at the Fine Arts Academy of Naples he participates in various national and international engraving contests, thus achieving highlighting and publications, such as in Duoro 2003 Bienal Internacional Gravura and the publication on Grafica d’Arte nr.55/A (an insert of the Occhio nel segno magazine).

After graduating at the Academy, he cooperates with various creative minds in the Neapolitan environment and works as a designer and colorist at the "Michele D'Auria Creative Studio" cartooning studio, where he contributes to carry out cartoons for Honda, Telepass, Eni, up to the graphic realization of CDs for important musicians, such as. From 2010 to 2013 he joins the world of comic books thanks to his friend and colleague Germano Massenzio with whom he colours several comic books for "VIS - volontariato internazionale per lo sviluppo", and the illustrations for "Nutribimbo" edited by Idelson Gnocchi. At the same time, he is the editor for the graphic section of several companies such as Fitobios, C.G.M. and In Form of Art. At In Form of Art he goes deeper into the knowledge of comic book tank to Marco and Stefano Chiuchiarelli, becoming the colorist and co-author of the comic book "La scelta" edited by In Form of Art Press. He also begins to teach digital painting and carries out the digital coloring of the comic books for the In Form of Art’s publishing house.

In 2014 he debuts as sole author of the Graphic Novel “Vita” edited by Douglas publisher.

In April 2015 he carries out, together again with the drawer Marco Chiuchiarelli, the coloring of the first issue of the comic book “Communion” and at the same time he joins the Morrison Fine Art Gallery with his engravings.